Martin Doležal, functional training

Martin Doležal - Functional Training

Functional conditioning and health of the musculoskeletal system for work, sport or the (un)usual life.

Work your functional movement fundamentals.

Prevention works much more effective, pleasant and cheaper way than a therapy. Due to today's lifestyle, your natural movement fundamentals need to be trained to have them work correctly. Such training has got to respect functional movement principles. And if you can understand the principles, you can set and follow your own way. Work the right exercises and work them correctly. Set the training to your goals and capabilities, the training that you will enjoy.

You never have that much time or energy for your training. If looking for results, you need to follow the effective methods.


My functional training method puts together the real-life performance and health of the musculoskeletal system. It offers the effective way of:

  • Training for challenging professions (Fire and Rescue, Law-enforcement, ...),
  • Movement training and health support to sport performance,
  • Fitness for any active life.

It also helps as:

  • support to health and imunity,
  • physical and mental compensation to one-sided sport training, manual work or office professions,
  • prevention from movement pain or injury,
  • support to vitality, mental balance and self-conficence,
  • body transformation.

Mgr. Martin Doležal

Instructor of the health supporting and body-conditioning training programs for Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Service, Czech Republic. Functional movement coach for top athletes, Olymp CSMV.

Head instructor and cofounder of the Optima project - evaluated the best in Czech Republic and one of 15 best programs in EU (concerning to Safety and Health at work).

Former fire-fighter and rescue scuba-diver (10 years with the Fire and Rescue Service, Czech Republic). Air Rescue Service training (USA).

The author of the new fitness test for the Airport Security, Prague Airport. The expert of the Healthy workplaces project (Ministry of the Interior, Czech Republic). Lecturer at international conferences.

The author of the book Natural functional training (Přirozený funkční trénink, Grada 2013). The author of the CoreFit® training method. The graduate from Physical education - Psychology, at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Charles University of Prague.